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BlogJAM: Nuestra Orilla launches an eight-episode podcast series that tells the story of the Bajo Atrato region.

In August 2023, the Co-creation of Storytelling and Listening Pedagogies for Peacebuilding in Colombia project, launched their podcast series Nuestra Orilla. “An audio series that explores the stories of a territory that is much talked about, but seldom listened to.”

Nuestra Orilla is an eight-episode podcast series that tells the story of Bajo Atrato from the perspective of its inhabitants and through the life experience of the narrator, Ana Luisa Ramírez Flórez.

It is a story told through the voices of women and men from this territory, inviting the audience to navigate between the present and the past, looking at the historical roots of the forms of exclusion and violence, but also at the strategies of resistance of a population about which many prejudices weigh heavily and to which we have listened very little.

It is a commitment for changing the place from which we tell stories about Colombia, and thus imagine ourselves in a more inclusive way. Our podcast is accompanied by pedagogical material that we make available to teachers who find it relevant to their own classroom projects, with the aim of broadening the reach of these voices and contributing to the emergence of critical citizens.

The eight episodes of “Nuestra Orilla” are now available on all podcast platforms and on the webpage, www.nuestraorilla.co.   ( Podcast audio is in Spanish)

Launch week

Co-creation of Storytelling and Listening Pedagogies for Peacebuilding in Colombia, launched the podcast series during the first week of August 2023. They conducted two workshops to present the podcast to the six community radio stations who will broadcast it, and one workshop with teachers in Riosucio to share with them the curriculum they created.

“All three workshops were tremendously inspiring, and we are thrilled to start seeing the positive responses from the community. We invite you to explore our [bilingual] website www.nuestraorilla.co and have a listen!”  Catalina Muñoz Rojas, Profesora Asociada, Universidad de los Andes

Links below are two of the several news reports published in different media about the podcast:

  1. Los líderes sociales de Riosucio, Chocó, que quieren reescribir la historia  (in Spanish)
  2. ‘Nuestra Orilla’: la historia del Chocó contada por sus protagonistas (in Spanish)


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