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Join us for the EdJAM Launch – Starting in February 2021 EdJAM will run a series of events to introduce the work that will be undertaken over the four years of the project focusing on the four thematic areas

Transitional, justice and memory
History education and classrooms
Heritage and everyday lives
Learning, collaboration and partnership

We will start the series with three events, each exploring one of the words that make up EDJAM: Education, Justice and Memory. These conversations will explore connections between education, justice and memory, and the challenges and possibilities for teaching and learning about past injustice in ways that generate dialogue, hope and repair.

There will also be a series of sessions on how to apply for EdJAM small grants. EDJAM will fund research led by colleagues in the global south, early career researchers and researchers from under-represented groups for projects of up to £30,000 with a duration of up to 12 months. The call will be launched in Spring 2021 and these events will be an opportunity to learn more about the grant opportunities and help shape call priorities.

Other EdJAM launch activities include an online exhibition on memory, heritage and everyday life, a Twitter reading group on learning, collaboration and partnership; a series of events to connect students in Cambodia, Colombia, Pakistan, Uganda and the United Kingdom; a film screening and more.

Sessions are planned in Spanish and English, with interpretation.

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