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Palabreras & Callejeras: Bogotá art exhibition video

A short video recording the 2023 Palabreras & Callejeras art exhibition in Bogotá, Colombia. The art exhibition was a collective creation of posters, to narrate the memory of injustice and the violent past in Colombia, specifically in Bogotá, Urabá, Putumayo, and Caquetá.

Palabreras & Callejeras aims to contribute to the construction of a decolonial paradigm that includes new ways of investigating, remembering and demanding justice for the violent past/present, and that also allows the rural and urban population to express and replicate individual and collective memories, without revictimizing or hindering the mourning processes that have been fought throughout the internal armed conflict. Through the use of poster art, a creative, resilient, poetic, and political memory is constructed in contrast to the authoritarian memory portrayed in hegemonic media. 

Palabreras & Callejeras, in English means “Female street wanderers and talkers”

With thanks to Flora’s for the music and singing in this video.

In addition to their art exhibition Palabreras & Callejeras project has resulted in:

  • Efficient reallocation of the budget with a high impact on women’s organizations work on memory and the construction of peace in Colombia.
  • Dissemination of EdJAM’s work with new organizations in Colombia.
  • 4 regional artists with comprehensive training in screen printing, management of artistic projects and strategic planning.
  • 4 peripheral territories and with little access to the arts present in high quality settings graphics in Bogota.
  • 360 posters printed manually by the artists and members of Palabreras & Callejeras, with their own designs and being part of the whole process.
  • Projected work networks for 4 new territories in the medium and long term.
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