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Ashli Akins

Ashli Akins is a cultural ecologist, community builder, and storyteller. She is a National Geographic Explorer, and the founder and president of Mosqoy, a social enterprise and non-profit organization that works with Quechua communities of the Peruvian Andes to mitigate unsustainable tourism and development.

Ashli is also a PhD Candidate at UBC, where she is exploring how to safeguard cultural heritage in an era of rapid economic change. She currently works with UNESCO and Ecotrust Canada, on issues related to sustainable development. Ashli completed her Master’s in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford, and her bachelor’s degree from the University of Victoria in environmental studies and Latin American studies. She was named UVic’s Humanist of the Year and one of its Top 50 Alumni in History for the work she is doing to work towards a more sustainable future.



Instagram: @ashliakins

Website: www.ashliakins.com

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