Knowledge as a tool for liberation: Economy and culture as violent colonialist tools.
Justice and Memory

Asma Odetallah

Born in Jerusalem, Asma holds a B.A in politics and International Relations from Birzeit University-Palestine. She has worked as a researcher at Grassroots Al-Quds since April 2019.

During her years of hard work, she focused on studying the history and researching the social and political reality of the urban area of Jerusalem, as well as the impact of the colonialist practices taking place. She has conducted focused research on the neighbourhoods and villages of the historical Jerusalem district that included analysis of the social and economic dimensions.

She investigates the colonial policies that the occupation does in the city, and its potential impact on its future. This work has enabled her to accumulate a deeper understanding of the context of the city and become more experienced in the research discipline despite the complexity that the colonial reality has evolved around this context. She is also a freelance journalist, who writes reports and feature articles, her work has appeared in many platforms. 

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