T’ikary continued: Elevating the voices of Quechua youth
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Cusi Saco Chung

 Her parents gave her a Quechua name, which means “joy”, creating her first true connection with Quechua culture. Cusi grew up in Cusco, and after school she moved to Lima where she graduated from business school.

Nevertheless, her passion was fashion. Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to implement the first fashion start-up in young executive fashion, which she ran in Lima for four years. In 2015, she received a scholarship and moved to Spain to specialize in Fashion Management at IED Barcelona. This master’s degree helped her to gain more knowledge about the fashion industry and introduced her to new movements in sustainable fashion.

After a great experience in Barcelona, Cusi decided to come back to Peru with a clear goal: build a better and stronger textile fashion industry, helping entrepreneurs to add value to their products. This is the reason why, after working two years with a Peruvian textile enterprise, she decided to move back to Cusco and start her work with Mosqoy. She fell in love with Mosqoy’s projects and was drawn to the opportunity of working with Quechua communities, providing better opportunities to weavers, and working together on improving and selling their beautiful textiles and products.

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