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Demoney Lennon

Demoney is a jovial, ambitious, determined, competent, self-motivated, hard-working, critical thinker. His goal in life has always been to make people think, to help them understand themselves better and to bring them closer to a self-awareness of who they are.

Demoney is a certified electrician and mediator, but his passion is working with youth in his communities. As President of the Accompong Maroon Youth Culture Group he has opportunities to develop activities to engage youth in processes of learning about their culture, connecting with their Elders and community members, and taking pride in their culture and heritage. He is committed to the sustainable development of his community and people.  He is the Minister of Tourism in the Accompong Maroon Government, the senior drum instructor of after School Drumming Class in Accompong, and a volunteer at our community radio station, Abeng 88.9FM, and the Community Beautification program.

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