‘Weaving resistance from mountain to mountain’: Peasant-to-peasant dialogue about traditional knowledge from an ethno-educational and oral perspective, to train 14–16-year-old students as record keepers, weavers and curators of collective memories and traditional practices.
History Education

Diana María Valencia-Duarte

Lecturer in History of the Global South at Aberystwyth University. PhD in History from the University of Exeter.

She conducted her doctoral historical research, ‘The Food Question’, with the peasant communities of Silos, the coffee belt and Los Montes de María, and more recently worked with the communities involved in the project ‘Memories from the Margins’ (MEMPAZ), as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol. Her research work focuses on the use of oral-based, participatory, and environmental methodologies and oral history to understand and promote peasant-based processes in Colombia. She is an active member of the community of academics-activists of the Global South CASAS, editor of the Environmental History Now platform and member of the British Society for Latin American Studies SLAS, among others.


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