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Heritage and everyday lives
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Dr Kate Moles

Kate Moles is Co-Principal Investigator on EdJAM and lead for the Heritage, Education and Everyday Life Theme.

Kate is a Reader in Sociology at Cardiff University. Her expertise is in memory studies, the sociology of the past and qualitative methodology – in particular ethnographic, sensory and mobile methods. This is informed by previous projects she has been part of that have conducted research on the everyday practices of remembering, forgetting and the construction, interpretation and endurance of practices of heritage and memorialisation. This work has been based in Ireland, Wales and Uganda and engages with enduring issues in postcolonialism, post industrialism and post conflict societies and their contemporary sense making in relation to representations of the past that circulate and sediment. Currently, she is also working as PI on a BA-GCRF project on Creative Heritages and Imagined Futures in Uganda with Nono Francis and Catriona Pennell from EdJAM.



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