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Dr Lizzi Milligan

Lizzi is one of the Co-Investigators working on the Learning, Collaborative Evaluation and Partnership theme together with Tania Saeed.

She is a Reader in Education at the University of Bath where her research has focused on issues of social and epistemic justice in educational policy and practice, particularly in East Africa. Lizzi also has a strong interest in ethics and positionality in international and comparative education. She has been working in educational research for ten years and received my PhD in 2014 from the University of Bristol.

All of her research is collaborative, including the two ESRC projects that she currently leads. The JustED project explores environmental, epistemic and transitional justice in secondary education in Nepal, Peru and Uganda. The GirlsEMIRwanda project researches the relationship between English as the language of instruction and girls’ educational experiences and outcomes in Rwanda. Lizzi has also worked with Nelson Abiti, Nono Francis and Kate Moles on a project about the learning that happens at Uganda Museum’s travelling exhibition about peace and reconciliation in Northern Uganda.







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