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Elizabeth Jelin

Elizabeth Jelin is an Argentine sociologist engaged in research in the areas of human and citizenship rights, social inequalities, gender and the family, social movements, and memories of political repression. She is a Senior Researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and at IDES (Institute of Economic and Social Development) in Buenos Aires.

Elizabeth is the author of numerous books and articles. Among them, Los trabajos de la memoria (English edition: State Repression and the Labors of Memory), La lucha por el pasado. Cómo construimos la memoria social (English edition: The Struggle for the Past. How We Construct Social Memories) and Cómo será el pasado. Una conversación sobre el giro memorial.

In 2013, Elizabeth was awarded by the Argentine government the Bernardo Houssay National Prize for Research Trajectory in the Social Sciences. In 2014, she received a Doctorate Honoris Causa at Université Paris Ouest, Nanterre – La Defense.

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