‘Weaving resistance from mountain to mountain’: Peasant-to-peasant dialogue about traditional knowledge from an ethno-educational and oral perspective, to train 14–16-year-old students as record keepers, weavers and curators of collective memories and traditional practices.
History Education

Fredy Alonso Maldonado Vera

Social and environmental leader for the Agro-Peasant communities of the Santurbán Moor in Norte de Santander. Tourist guide to the Santurbán lagoons and moorland.

Founder of the Unión Campesina del Páramo de Santurbán and the platform Amigos Por Santurbán, voice of the moorland communities. Coordinator of peasant marketing initiatives such as the ‘Mixed Fruit & Veg Santurbán Farmer Box’, and other voluntary work aimed at promoting local causes such as resource provision for peasant children of his region. President of the Silos monitoring group Todos somos Santurbán.

He is also the current Delegate of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the North-Eastern Border Activists for Change (CORPONOR, in Spanish), the highest environmental authority in the Norte de Santander Department.


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