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Kenrick Wallace

For the past 12 years Kendrick has been volunteering his time to work with the Accompong Communities. During this time as Vice President of the Accompong Maroon Youth Culture Group (AMYCG) there has been much accomplished through teaching the young people in the communities about their past by building on their vocabulary and knowledge and using a variety of teaching activities that connect youth to their culture and nature.

He is proud to be an integral part of planning and implementation of the annual Maroon Culture Camp, where hundreds of youth and Elders come together for a week of cultural learning and celebration.  Also, the Community Beautification projects work with youth in planting flowers and painting our community with various colours. He also supports after school drumming class which teaches young people traditional drumming techniques. His hopes and dreams for the Maroon Communities is to see the children go way beyond in their education, not just primary or secondary but also university education and education based in their territory and culture.

“I hope to see our communities advance fully in technology, food security and climate action. With the passion, love and respect of the mission of the Accompong Maroon Youth Culture group I know that our Maroon communities will achieve these dreams through dedication and strength.”

Kendrick is also a farmer who uses small scale sustainable practices for my crops and horses. He is the Minister of Youth Sport Entertainment and Culture with the government of the State of Accompong and the Captain of the Accompong United football team.




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