Intimate Cartographies in Community

Lucas Gerardo Saporosi

Lucas is a sociologist and holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and, a master's degree in History and Memory awarded by the National University of La Plata. He is currently a doctoral fellow at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), based at the Institute for Research in Gender Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (UBA).

His research topics are linked to the field of memory studies and, specifically, to the process of memory, truth, and justice in Argentina and the Southern Cone. He is a university lecturer in memory studies, gender studies and feminist theory at the Faculty of Social Sciences (UBA), and he also teaches different Social Sciences subjects at secondary school. He is a member of the UBACyT project “Pasado/presente. Afectos, testimonios y archivos en la cultura argentina contemporánea(Past/present. Affections, testimonies, and archives in contemporary Argentine culture), of the PICT “Nuevas voces de la memoria social: hijas de represores en Argentina” (New voices of social memory: daughters of repressors in Argentina), and he is part of the Working Group of CLACSO- Red de Género, Feminismos y Memorias de América Latina y el Caribe (Gender, Feminisms and Memory Network of Latin America and the Caribbean). 




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