‘Weaving resistance from mountain to mountain’: Peasant-to-peasant dialogue about traditional knowledge from an ethno-educational and oral perspective, to train 14–16-year-old students as record keepers, weavers and curators of collective memories and traditional practices.
History Education

Mariana Sahali Martinez Rosas

Project consultant and expert in producing technical reports on environmental monitoring at Inamcon. Researcher of the Fundación Dignidad Campesina de Colombia for this project.

Environmental engineer from the Universidad Santo Tomás, specializing in integral environmental management at the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada (degree in environmental engineering in September 2023).  Environmental consultant with expertise in environmental health, environmental management, ISO 14001, current environmental regulations, climate change and ArcGIS software support. Furthermore, she carries out environmental studies and proceedings in order to ensure the maintenance of sustainable development standards. She defines herself as a creative and excellent team player, with assertive communication skills, adaptable to change and in continuous search for improvement.

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