‘Weaving resistance from mountain to mountain’: Peasant-to-peasant dialogue about traditional knowledge from an ethno-educational and oral perspective, to train 14–16-year-old students as record keepers, weavers and curators of collective memories and traditional practices.
History Education

Melvis Ariza Mercado

Afro-peasant graduate in Ethno-education from the University of La Guajira. Legal representative of the Community Council of Black Communities Eladio Ariza from San Cristóbal, and president of the Association of Community Councils of the Montes de María.

Spokesperson for the Ethnic-Campesino communities of the Montes de María, and member of the Organization of Displaced Population of the Montes de María and Mesa Agua (OPDs, in Spanish). Territory, water, environment, and human rights advocate. In addition, Melvis delivers talks and workshops throughout the country, focusing on topics such as, ethno-education as a pedagogical strategy to understand the past and build the future, territorialities and political subjectivities (in relation to multiculturalism), and intercultural dialogue on the construction of development programmes with a territorial approach (PDET, in Spanish).


Melvis Ariza Mercado’s message to world leaders at COP26 

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