U kúuchil kaambal kuxtal: School for life
Heritage and everyday lives

Oscar Chan Dzul

He is a Mayan-speaking Indigenous person, born in Sanahcat, Yucatan, Mexico in 1974. He graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida with a bachelor’s degree in Administration and has an international master's degree in Development Practices in Costa Rica.

Member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research and Alternative Development U Yich Lu’um A.C. He is co-investigator in the project U kúuchil kaambal kuxtal: escuela para la vida (U kúuchil kaambal kuxtal: school for life). He has taken various seminars, courses, and specialisations in agroecology, and is a promoter of knowledge about medicinal plants. He also participates in the revitalisation of the Mayan language in different spaces. 

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