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Dr Paul Cooke

Paul Cooke is Centenary Chair of World Cinemas at the University of Leeds and has published widely on the cultural politics of contemporary film. He is currently the Principal Investigator on the GCRF funded Changing the Story, a project looking at the ways in which heritage and arts organizations can help young people to shape civil society in post-conflict countries.

Paul is also co-lead of ‘Community Engagement for Anti-Microbial Resistance’ at the University of Leeds, a project that seeks to use participatory practices to unlock community-level knowledge in order to overcome antimicrobial resistance, one of the largest public health issues we face as a planet. He has also run numerous advocacy-focussed participatory video projects, working with communities in the UK, Germany, Kenya, Nepal, Cambodia, India and Colombia.

Changing the Story (leeds.ac.uk)

Community Engagement for Anti-microbial Resistance (leeds.ac.uk)

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