U kúuchil kaambal kuxtal: School for life
Heritage and everyday lives

Sara Oliveros López

Sara is a Nahua Indigenous woman, co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research and Alternative Development, U Yich Lu'um A.C., where she is the legal representative and head of the Institutional Strengthening area, in which, through a gender and human rights perspective, she works on honing girls’ and women’s skills, on self-care, and in the improvement of plots of land. She is co-researcher of the project U kúuchil kaambal kuxtal: escuela para la vida (U kúuchil kaambal kuxtal: school for life).

She is also passionate about telling stories through documentaries that address socio-environmental issues and shares her knowledge with young people, through the creation of new narratives based on Mayanity, for the appropriation and defence of the territory. She is a member of the Network of Indigenous Women of Yucatán and of feminist movements in which she fights for the recognition of Indigenous women’s rights in Mexico. Her most significant role is being a mother of two daughters and a son, with whom she learns about love and collective responsibility by cooking, sowing vegetable gardens and taking care of her backyard animals. 

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