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Solomy Awiidi

Solomy has over 7 years of experience in human rights work with a focus on gender justice, peacebuilding and transitional justice. At Refugee Law Project, she manages the Conflict, Transitional Justice and Governance Programme where her work focuses on advocating for informal, formal and transitional justice mechanisms for justice, accountability and sustainable peace.

As an advocate, she is a member of Uganda and the East African Law Society, the Federation of Uganda Women Lawyers (FIDA-Uganda), Advocates Africa and Friends of SDG16+. She is also a member of NextGen- young people aspiring for sustainable peace, an alumnus of Men Engage Africa Training Initiative (MATI) and the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship where she specialized in the Law and Human Rights strand at the Washington College of Law, American University.

Solomy is interested in education for sustainable development and global citizenship which includes peace, human rights and intercultural education.

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