The Early Sign of the Khmer Rouge Atrocity: Recalling Memory of M-13 through Documentary Film

Sonita Kour

Born in 1991 in Cambodia, KOUR Sonita grew up in a family that had survived the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime. Her grandparents were killed in the Khmer Rouge Regime, and her parents were the orphans because of this regime. Her mother was a 17 April kid.

After the Khmer Rouge Regime, her mother went to school and became the History Teacher in high school province. Around in 2007, her mother was trained in the Khmer Rouge Regime history by the government, and she dreamt of her daughter working in this field. Fortunately, in 2014 she was selected as an accountant at Bophana Audiovisual Report Center and worked in App Learning on Khmer Rouge History in 2016. Her mother was excited. In 2016, she graduated from the Royal University of Law and Economics with a master’s degree in business specializing in finance. In 2017, she passed the Tax Agent Course at the General Department of Taxation. With ten years of experience, she has worked in budget preparation, developing financial policy to comply with government policy, controlling cash flow, checking all donor financial policies, dealing with donor according to financial issues, ensuring all expenses are within assigned project budget, and preparing the financial proposal to apply for grants  

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