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Suckrea Genas

As an early childhood educator, Suckrea strives to constantly improve her knowledge and skills so that she can better support and educate young people in her care. As a committed member of her community, she takes part in numerous volunteer activities.

As Co-Secretary of the Accompong Maroon Youth Culture Group she has the opportunity to work with young people and Elders on cultural activities that uplift their communities. She is also the Vice President for the Accompong United Church Women’s Fellowship, a church representative for the Accompong Untied on the Accompong Primary and Infant school, and the President for the Accompong Primary and Infant Parent/Teacher Association, an Education Representative for the Accompong Maroon Executive Council.  In addition, she is currently the Acting Chairperson for the Accompong Maroon State Representatives.

“I have committed my life and my career to the education, development and support of the young people of my community so that we can all grow and be uplifted together. “

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