‘Weaving resistance from mountain to mountain’: Peasant-to-peasant dialogue about traditional knowledge from an ethno-educational and oral perspective, to train 14–16-year-old students as record keepers, weavers and curators of collective memories and traditional practices.
History Education

Yamile Ortiz

Independent social worker and an active member of the Fundación Dignidad Campesina de Colombia. Yamile is the ethics coordinator for this project and led the popular community initiative 'Sembrando Amor', a mass education initiative aimed at guaranteeing and advocating for the human rights of children in a neighbourhood in the city of Duitama, in the department of Boyacá.

She is a social worker from the Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca and a specialist in human rights education. She has five years of experience in the psychosocial area, specifically in the formulation of community projects aimed at vulnerable populations, prevention and attention to cases of domestic violence, advocacy for the welfare of minors, and for sexual, reproductive, and human rights. Additionally, she is experienced as a university lecturer, as well as in community work, family and group intervention, social diagnosis, planning, execution and evaluation of social projects.

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