Using art, technology, heritage, the senses and pedagogies for dialogue and hope, EdJAM partners lead these projects developing creative ways to teach and learn about past violence and injustice

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Video/Film, Publications, Visual arts

Graphics to decolonise memory: creative pedagogies among the street, the village, and the academia.

The topic investigated by our project is the collective creation of posters as a counter-hegemonic pedagogical tool, to narrate the memory of injustice…

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Publications, Audio broadcasts

Co-creation of Storytelling and Listening Pedagogies for Peacebuilding in Colombia

Investigating the potential of storytelling and collective creation for empowering communities who have been victimized but have also resisted the cycles…

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Publications, Audio broadcasts, Curriculum

U kúuchil kaambal kuxtal: School for life

Exploring decolonial pedagogies and folk education from Mayan communities’ perspective, as well as the possibilities of building a community-based learning…

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Publications, Curriculum

Disconcerting past – History education on mass atrocities

How can we encourage more interactive ways of learning about mass atrocities? Our process engages history teachers in exploring student-centred methods…

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Video/Film, Exhibitions, Publications

Strengthening Community Memorialization in Northern Uganda

Lukodi Community Memory Center - Documentary

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Exhibitions, Visual arts

Samrong Knong Memory Sketch

The overall goal of the Samrong Knong Memory Sketch project is to reconstruct the memory of Samrong Knong, a former security centre, through arts and dialogues…

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