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Raising Awareness About the Challenging Past in the Middle East

Building a curriculum, developing a pedagogical approach, and teaching seminars which are geared towards the communal comprehension of the forms of violence…

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Unfinished Business: Memory and Counternarratives to the Rainbow Nation

A collaborative project to teach about South Africa’s ‘unfinished business’ through the creation of innovative decolonial artistic interventions,…

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Performing Pain: Mnemotechnologies of remembrance in Abia and its impact on informal (music) education, memory, peace and recovery

Investigating how the community of Abia, in northern Uganda, who experienced a horrific LORD’s Resistance Army massacre in 2014, perform their pain through…

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The Accompong Maroon Youth Culture Camp & Memory Bank

By exploring the history and culture of the Jamaican Maroons, we seek to educate and uplift the youth of our communities by learning about our true history…

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T’ikary: An educational project for Quechua youth

Mosqoy’s academic research will focus on self-perception in indigenous youth. We will measure students’ perceptions of themselves and their Quechua…

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Unravelling views: tools for a pedagogy of peace and social dialogue in Colombia.

The project will explore EdJAM's working area of Transitional Justice and Memory, seeking to understand the subjective meaning of the transitional processes…

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Memories of Conflict: Healing from Lyari’s Violent Past

This project, which is a collaboration between Nida Kirmani, a sociologist, and Dostain Ellahi, an independent filmmaker, will utilize documentary film…

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Uprooted: co-creating an educational timeline addressing the violent past

Investigating to what extent the historical enquiry of multiple perspectives on the violent past affects secondary school teachers’ and students’ knowledge…

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Intimate Cartographies in Community

Deconstructing the idea that the past and the present are disconnected with tours around the district with secondary school students and teachers through…

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Graphics to decolonise memory: creative pedagogies among the street, the village, and the academia.

The topic investigated by our project is the collective creation of posters as a counter-hegemonic pedagogical tool, to narrate the memory of injustice…

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Co-creation of Storytelling and Listening Pedagogies for Peacebuilding in Colombia

Investigating the potential of storytelling and collective creation for empowering communities who have been victimized but have also resisted the cycles…

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U kúuchil kaambal kuxtal: School for life

Exploring decolonial pedagogies and folk education from Mayan communities’ perspective, as well as the possibilities of building a community-based learning…

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