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Graphics to decolonise memory: creative pedagogies among the street, the village, and the academia – Phase II: Weaving Latin American bridges.

Palabreras & Callejeras aims to focus its efforts on strengthening the voices of women, social collectives and the decolonial discussions taking place in Colombia and Mexico, through the arts and the cross-cultural encounter between diverse women, while acknowledging both countries' parallel contexts of violence.

Phase I of the EdJAM funding enabled the consolidation of our project Graphics to decolonise memory: creative pedagogies among the street, the village, and academia , as an artistic and memory initiative in Colombia that reaches territories with little or no access to graphic arts and memory discussions, such as the peripheries of Bogotá and the departments of Urabá, Putumayo and Caquetá.

This led to the implementation of nine poster-design laboratories resulting in more than 60 pieces, two murals in the Bajo Lorenzo Rural School in Putumayo, the International Symposium “Memory Through Posters”, an exhibition at the Centre for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation in Bogotá, a methodological guide, and a video which summarizes this experience.

This experience taught us that the dialogue between the arts, memory and local territories is necessary and relevant in a context such as Colombia’s, where rights and resources are extremely centralised, where there is a revictimising narrative of the violent past and present, and an overwhelming majority of male participation in creative and artistic scenarios.  With the intention of further strengthening the EdJAM Network in Latin America and based on the principles of collaboration, learning and sharing, this project aims to build bridges between Latin American projects that have decoloniality, the arts and females of all ages at their core.

To continue with the Palabreras & Callejeras creative art labs in peripheral territories of Colombia and Mexico for seven months, while strengthening decolonial and female spaces that promote collaboration, as well as learning and memory discussions about the violent present and past among EdJAM projects which share a non-revictimising, decolonial and feminist approach.  (Palabreras & Callejeras in English translates as “Female street wanderers and talkers” )

  1. To set up three creative laboratories called “Women and Decolonialities” in different territories of Colombia, which will generate a dialogue of experiences and memory between Afro, indigenous and mestizo women and the Palabrareras & Callejeras creative poster-design laboratories.
  2. To exchange experiences with our EdJAM colleagues who work on the project U Yich Lu’um Collective in Yucatan (Mexico) and the Tegus La Cartonera collective in Puebla (Mexico), in order to reinforce the ongoing conversations about creative pedagogies to explore memory, and build bridges between EdJAM projects with decolonial, community and feminist initiatives.
  3. To host the U Yich U’lum Collective in Bogotá and share the experience of Palabreras & Callejeras in their creative laboratories and discuss the connectivity between territories, as well as to generate a forum to share experiences of community processes involving children and art.
  4. To disseminate the graphic outcomes in public spaces of Colombia and Mexico, as well as through a written systematisation of experiences, accessible to all ages, via a fanzine-type publication.

"We make graphics to portray memory in a different way, with joy, resistance and colour".

"We believe in other ways of documenting memory, in which healing does not require re-victimisation nor focusing on pain".

Palabreras & Callejeras

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