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T’ikary: An educational project for Quechua youth

Mosqoy’s academic research will focus on self-perception in indigenous youth. We will measure students’ perceptions of themselves and their Quechua heritage before, during, and after our programme. Our students will attend workshops focusing on resilience and cultural revitalization.

In Peru, indigenous youth are presented with a difficult choice, either pursue their education or maintain close connections to their communities and culture. Quality education is still relatively inaccessible for most indigenous youth, thus trapping them in a cycle of poverty, those who do pursue further, or higher education usually leave their communities and do not come back. Mosqoy provides educational scholarships to promising Quechua youth, and our partnership with EdJAM will help us expand extracurricular programmes.  These programmes will allow students to remain closely connected to their communities and culture while they study.

Weekly workshops will be delivered to students on a variety of topics: human rights, photography, filmmaking, Quechua language revitalization, are just a few examples. Students will be equipped with the theory, tools, and equipment necessary to engage in creative projects that contribute to their home communities, connect them to their Quechua culture, and educate the public about the long-lasting effects of colonization.

17 students, from Quechua indigenous populations in the Cusco region of Peru, will be the immediate beneficiaries of our programme. However, our intended wider audience also captures the communities of the students participating in the programme.  We hope that as our students learn leadership and advocacy skills, they will be better able to advocate for their communities and ultimately help the communities advocate for themselves.

Our main aims include:

  • Strengthening existing human rights workshops for scholarship students, equipping them with the knowledge necessary to defend their rights and those of their communities
  • Providing creative outlets for students to explore and challenge inequalities that exist within their societies; and
  • Equipping more Indigenous youth leaders with the skills to forge a future for their communities that is economically and culturally resilient.

Our key deliverables will include:

  • 10 before and after self-portraits
  • 7+ creative projects (required from second-year students, some first-year students may want to join in)
  • A series of blog/and or video entries
  • Curriculum resources which include a detailed plan of action for educating Indigenous youth about colonial impacts in Latin America
  • An academic article about changes in self-perception of Indigenous youth.

Mosqoy will be contracting skilled individuals to deliver workshops on a variety of topics. If we connect with other organizations that share our values and mission, we may choose to create long-term partnerships for future years, but at this time, we are operating independently.



In partnership with EdJAM, Mosqoy provided a wide variety of workshops to connect students with their Quechua heritage, including natural dyes, weaving, gastronomy, agriculture, dance, music, and traditional medicine. Students learned about equality and human rights through a comprehensive human rights workshop; they also explored creative means of storytelling and self-expression through photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture workshops.

After participating in these workshops, students were given the opportunity to create a self-portrait, using any artistic means of their choice. Their final projects include paintings, photography, mini-documentaries, embroidery, weavings, and a collage. These works of art explore different aspects of life in Quechua communities – everything from growing tubers to the various steps of backstrap weaving to coffee production. Through these projects, students were able to explore their identities and showcase their cultural pride. Many of these projects features students’ families, showing their appreciation for their roots and the resilience of their loved ones.

The project culminated in a two-week public exhibition of students’ work, hosted by Cusco’s prestigious Escuela Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes del Cusco. Students and their families participated in a special inauguration to celebrate the public debut of their art. Through this project, participants have experienced a higher self-esteem, cultural-esteem and a change in perception about the value of Quechua culture. We hope to apply the lessons from this project to future scholarship cohorts and diffuse our knowledge to other organizations promoting multicultural education.

The two short films below are self-portraits created by Joel and Ramiro, who are Mosqoy students.

Mosqoy Student Joel – Self Portrait

Mosqoy Student Ramiro – Self Portrait


Meet the team:


Stephanie Septembre

Mosqoy Youth Program Manager

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Elvira Huaman Guerra

Casa Mosqoy Resident Advisor

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Merci Ortiz Herrera

Mosqoy General Manager

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Ashli Akins

Founder & President of Mosqoy

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