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Dr Julia Paulson
Book Chapter
Justice and Memory

Book Chapter: Reparative Pedagogies

"This chapter explores reparative possibilities in and through education, with a specific focus on reparative pedagogy. It does so by sharing examples I’ve encountered and by documenting many ongoing conversations around the possibilities and challenges of describing, designing and imagining pedagogy as reparative."

“These include conversations with friends, researchers, educators and activists, many (but not all) of which take place within the Education, Justice and Memory Network (EdJAM). EdJAM exists to support and learn more about creative approaches to teaching and learning about past violence and injustice and currently works in 18 countries. Some of the people with whom Ive been in conversation describe their work using the term reparative pedagogy and others do not. However , as this chapter argues, there are features of their pedagogical approaches that align with and enable repair and reparation and therefore allow for the possibility of describing them as reparative. ”

Reparative Pedagogies

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United Kingdom

Dr Julia Paulson

Dean, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan

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This book chapter has been published in Decolonizing Education for Sustainable Futures which is available here:

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