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EdJAM Pakistan Children’s Series: Jawari The Legendary Queen of Gilgit (in English & Urdu)

The EdJAM Children's Series is a collection of illustrated books for children designed by undergraduate students and illustrators to highlight historical and contemporary narratives that are missing from textbooks in Pakistan.

This story is about Jawari, the legendary Queen of Gilgit. It provides children with the role model of a beloved and successful queen who contributed to the well being of her people.

Writer: Shamim Bano

Artist: Areeba Haseeb

“This work is gratefully dedicated to two women: Jamila- my father’s maternal grandmother, and Juran- my own maternal grandmother. Their stories of courageously navigating life against the tide of a patriarchal society, against poverty, and even affliction, are as awe-inspiring for me as is the story of Queen Jawari.” Shamim Bano

“I never liked the idea of female leaders being illustrated as extremely old or having masculine features. While there is nothing wrong with it, it silently enforces the idea that only elderly women deserve respect or women who look like “men”. Hence I illustrated Jawari to be young and sharp with feminine features to show young people that women of all ages, shapes and sizes can be leaders. You don’t have to look old or masculine.” Areeba Haseeb

This children’s book is available to download below in English and Urdu

Jawari The Legendary Queen of Gilgit (English)


Jawari The Legendary Queen of Gilgit (Urdu)


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