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EdJAM Pakistan Children’s Series: The Camel Library (In Balochi, English, Sindhi & Urdu)

The EdJAM Children's Series is a collection of illustrated books for children designed by undergraduate students and illustrators to highlight historical and contemporary narratives that are missing from textbooks in Pakistan.

This story is about the adventures of a camel named Roshan, and his owner Murad, who brings books to children in different parts of Balochistan.

We are grateful to Ms Rahima Jalal and Mr Naseer Ahmed for their help and feedback on this story.

You can learn more about The Camel Library and their work here.

Writer: Nayab Wali

Artist: Emil Hasnain

“I want to dedicate this book to my Ami named Mariyam Wali. My Mother always wanted to be a writer/poet but she couldn’t however I hope this book is a fulfillment of her dream. This is for all Baloch girls out there, here’s to a Feminist Baloch Future”.  Nayab Wali

This children’s book is available to download below in Balochi, English, Sindhi & Urdu

The Camel Library (Balochi)

Translator: Ishaque Rahim


The Camel Library (Sindhi)

Translator: Asif Nawaz


The Camel Library (Urdu)

Translator: Asif Nawaz


Al Jazeera made this short video about the Camel Library

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