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EdJAM Pakistan Children’s Series: Becoming Senator Krishna (Sindhi & English)

The EdJAM Children's Series is a collection of illustrated books for children designed by undergraduate students and illustrators to highlight historical and contemporary narratives that are missing from textbooks in Pakistan.

This story is about the life and work of Senator Krishna Kumari, a role model as the first woman from Pakistan’s Hindu community to become a Senator.

Writer: Sanha Tahir

Artist: Rida Zaidi

Sindhi Translator: Asif Nawaz

“When I first started writing this story, I was surprised by my own ignorance. Senator Krishna Kumari is one of the most iconic and prolific personalities of our time and yet, very few of us know the full story of her life. The more I grew to know about her, the more motivated I became to actualize my own goals in life and with this story, I hope to embed the same fiery seeds of inspiration in my readers. This work is dedicated to all the unsung heroes of our time; may we follow in the footsteps of these great people and better the lives of all around us!” Sanha Tahir

“As an artist interested in storytelling, I have always found social studies in Pakistan to be taught through a narrow lens, omitting and erasing so many narratives which make our society. Being a part of this series, I focused on ways through which children can be taught a more comprehensive version of history with an engaging approach, where the illustrations aid and add to the story rather than being an afterthought.” Rida Zaidi

Becoming Senator Krishna (Sindhi)

Translator: Asif Nawaz


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