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EdJAM Pakistan Children’s Series: Two Strays Strike Out (in English & Urdu)

The EdJAM Children's Series is a collection of illustrated books for children designed by undergraduate students and illustrators to highlight historical and contemporary narratives that are missing from textbooks in Pakistan.

The story is about two friends, a cat named Noor, and a donkey named Laila who meet at an animal shelter. Their experiences highlight the importance of such animal shelters, the ill-treatment of stray animals on the streets, and the possibility of coexistence between humans and animals.

Writer: Zoha Batool Khan

Artist: Areeba Haseeb

“I want people to realize that it may be the default to live in cities designed to be hostile to children and animals but it should be challenged…Why have we accepted it as a given that children shouldn’t be able to navigate buildings alone? Why is it okay for strays to die on the streets from traffic and starvation? Why do we think their experiences are somehow separate from ours? A city that acts like a child is a problem will treat every virtue associated with that child as a problem: the same vulnerability, the interdependence, the joy, etc. What if we reimagined our cities? What if we realized that making cities safer for both children and animals makes all of us safer in the long-run? What if kids realized that just because everything is currently inconvenient or outright hostile doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way?”  Zoha Batool Khan

(Interviewed by Sonya Rehman for Forbes New Children’s Books Highlight Pakistan’s Overlooked Heroes 2021)

This children’s book is available to download below in English and Urdu.

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