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Learning, Collaboration Evaluation Partnership (LEP) Event Illustrations – September 2022

As part of EdJAM’s Digital Mentoring Programme, which supports our network colleagues, we held two LEP Focus Group events online in September 2022.

EdJAM’s LEP team hosted these interactive session which invited projects to share their learning strategies: what they hope to achieve from their project, what they have already achieved, and strategies for effective communication of their work.

The first event on the 8th September was bilingual, to reach both our English and Spanish speaking colleagues.   This event featured presentations from our project partners in Argentina and Jamaica. Learn more about Intimate Cartographies in Community (Argentina) here , and The Accompong Maroon Youth Culture Camp & Memory Bank (Jamaica) here

The second event on the 12th September was held in English and featured presentations from our project partners in Cambodia and Uganda. Learn more about Samrong Knong Memory Sketch (Cambodia) here, and Performing Pain: Mnemotechnologies of remembrance in Abia and its impact on informal (music) education, memory, peace and recovery (Uganda) here

To capture the English and Spanish conversations during these events we were supported by two amazing illustrators, Laura Sorvala and Niña Tigrre.

The graphic illustrations above capture the conversations in English on the 8th & 12th September 2022, were created by Laura Sorvala.


Twitter: @_auralab


Illustrations are available as downloadable resources below


The graphic illustrations below capture the conversation in the Spanish channel on the 8th September and were created by Niña Tigrre.


Instagram: @ninatigre_

Illustrations are available as downloadable resources below


EdJAM’s LEP Team:


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Associate Professor of Sociology

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Dr Lizzi Milligan

Reader in Education

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Dr Sameen Mohsin Ali

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