Justice and Memory

Unravelling views: tools for a pedagogy of peace and social dialogue in Colombia

This project focused on understanding the subjective sense of the transitional processes in Colombia since the signing of the Peace Agreement between the Colombian government and the old FARC guerrilla, from the voice of youngsters, children from urban contexts, through the creative mediation of textile narrative, using thread and needle, the proposal of constructing textile resonances emerges, allowing the identification of collective senses.

The materialities produced are social artifacts that speak, say and narrate this multiplicity of stories, connecting with family, communal and neighbouring pasts of suffering under the armed conflict, but also life and collective stories about diverse violences, allowing youngsters to get ready to imagine and build other forms of interaction.

Podcast: Tejer y Destejer [Weaving and Unweaving], produced by Cerosetenta podcast. (Spanish audio only)

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