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BlogJAM: U Yich lu ùm-School for life video: Community learning, life territories and agroecology

@Uyichluum is a grassroots organization located in Sanahcat, Yucatán, whose bids are #communitylearning, #lifeterritories and agroecology.

For more than 10 years, it has worked with and for the children in their town with the U Kúuchil Kambal Kuxtal (School for Life) where children can learn, play and explore the mountain, as well as the language and identity of their people. “We invite you to discover the dream of U Yich Lu’um by watching the video to fill you with hope, and to follow our social media channels to learn more about our work.”  

Facebook: U Yich Lu’um

Twitter:  @Uyichluum

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